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      iPassworder is a fast, convenient and very easy to use passwords keeper. Wonderful design and the fact that there is no separation on directories positively distinguish this application from other similar applications for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

      Over time, remembering and storing passwords without the necessary utilities becomes a challenge. iPassworder is a passwords keeper that allows you to conveniently and safely store all your passwords for the accounts from websites, forums, payment systems, e-mail, information on bank cards, bank accounts, credit cards and other sensitive information.

      All your passwords are stored on your device, and all you need to remember is the only "Master Password" to launch the application. You will never forget your passwords and always have quick access to them!

      With iPassworder you will appreciate the lack of cataloging which allows for faster searching for the password and more convenient navigation. You will need just a couple of operations to find a particular record. And all this at your fingertips!

      Common features of the iPassworder
     Very fast navigation 
     Beautiful design
     Convenient interface
     Easy to use  
     No cataloging
     All your passwords at your fingertips
     All graphics adapted to Retina Displays
     Built-in Password Generator
     Unlimited number of stored passwords (Only full version)
     Quick Password Create function
     Database export
     The free versions has no ads
     Compatible with 4-inch Retina display

      Some Tips
     Drag your finger across a table cell to delete the entry
     You can enter a link in the description field to be able to quickly go to the website by clicking on the link
     Quick Password Create button will help you instantly create a password and enter it directly when creating new entry
     Quick Password Create function uses the built-in Password Generator settings
     Using the same password for different accounts lowers your security
     If you lose your device or buy a new one, all application data can be restored from backup in iTunes
     The "Find My iPhone" application allows you to remotely wipe all data from a lost device
     When the "background mode protection" is on, the application will prompt for the password not only after the application is closed down, but after running in the background
     If you forget the password to run the application, you can restore it by answering the security question
     Simply touch the password or login to copy


    Regular version of the password keeper

    iPassworder Lite

    Free regular version of the password keeper
    Free version has no ads
    Just download and enjoy our Password keeper

    iPassworder Deluxe

    Deluxe version of the password keeper
    Unique design and new features

    iPassworder Deluxe Lite

    Free version of the iPassworder deluxe
    Try the amazing Deluxe version for free
    Free version has no ads

    Easy Password Generator

    Easy to use and fast Password Generator

    Password Generator Deluxe

    Password generator with a modified Deluxe-Edition design

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