Our favorite apps
  iPassworder is a fast, convenient and very easy to use passwords keeper.

  • You will never forget your passwords and always have quick access to them! 

   "Brilliant app, quick and easy to use and best app to ensure your passwords are safe, this app was the 6th app id downloaded for passwords & it is by far the best-definitely​ recommended!"zowielouise

   "Really like this app- great for easy/quick password keeping and also got a great randomiser built in!"Badfelix

  Secure Notepad will let you save personal notes, contacts, and passwords as well as any other personal or secret information which will be hidden from strangers' eyes and securely protected by a password..

   "This is a very safe diary! Every time you get on it it asks for a password!! I really recommend this app if you are looking for something to hold all of your secrets! I would say get it!!"babem1999

   "Good job ! I recommend this application for all those who want to save and protect their dossier ! Swag swag swag !" - Kidding ink

   "I so needed a secure way to keep important notes on my phone! I'm so glad I found this!"gholler